Ankylosing Spondylitis Group of Queensland 
Founded in 1996


P. O. Box 193 
Queensland 4018, Australia 
Tel. (+61) 07 3263 5216 
Internet Home page: 

President  Ross Wilson
Secretary Maritza Prada Sullavan
Treasurer Lynn Adamson
International contacts Ross Wilson
Membership 1. Jan. 2012 104 members including 102 with AS, 2 life members
Local branches  1 local group with weekly hydrotherapy in Brisbane
Medical advisors Dr. Matthew Brown (rheumatologist), Margaret Lewington (physiotherapist)

«AStretch» distributed also to members of AS groups in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. A combined effort of the Australian groups in Queensland and Victoria.

Editorial Board: Maritza Prada Sullivan, Annie McPherson, Dr. Lionel Schachna, Margaret Lewington

Frequency  4 per year 
Further publications New members receive free copy of our land exercise DVD which was filmed and launched in 2006. Copies available for sale. 
Water exercise DVD filmed in 2007 was launched and distributed in 2008. Copies available for sale.
Important events in past and coming year

2011: Special occasion dinners and casual «after hydro» dinners; activities such as bushwalk and picnic; walk or bike ride and bbq walk; barefoot bowls
2012: Special occasion dinners and casual "after hydro" dinners; activities such as bushwalk and picnic; walk or bike ride, and bbq and walk.

Membership fee $ 20 per annum 
$15 per annum for eMail subscription or concession
Remarks The Queensland group is offering newsletter subscriptions both via eMail and ordinary mail as a service also to members of the former AS Group in New South Walesand others.

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