Ankylosing spondylitis society in Norway:

Norsk Revmatikerforbund (NRF) / BEKHTEREV 
Founded in 1986


Postboks 2653 Solli 
N-0203 OSLO 
Phone (+47) 22 54 76 00 
Fax (+47) 22 43 12 51 
eMail (NRF): 
Home page of NRF: 
Homepage of BEKHTEREV:


Chairman NRF  Svein Dåvøy, Address: same as office, Phone (+47)900 80 550, eMail:
AS Representative in NRF  Liv Margot SVILAND, Phone (+47) 415 32 601, Austringen 15, N-4365 Naerboe, eMail:
International contacts  Liv Margot SVILAND, Address same as above
Membership 1. Jan. 2012 About 2 500 AS sufferers in Bechterew groups (out of about 38 000 NRF members; diagnosis of members not known to NRF)
Local branches  12 local AS societies with weekly exercises  
225 local branches totally
Newsletter  «Revmatikeren» (newsletter of NRF) 
Period of appearance  8 per year 
Newsletters of AS groups «Bechterewer'n» (4 per year), journal of Oslo Bechterew-Forening ( with subscribers in all parts of Norway 
Some local ankylosing spondylitis societies have their own newsletter
Further publications  «Bekhterevs sykdom, Informasjon til nydiagnostiserte, pårørende, helsepersonell og andre» (Bekhterev disease, Information to new diagnostic, relatives, health personal and others) 
«Bekhterev informasjonsfolder»(AS information folder) 
AS: Disease impact and research evidence of physiotherapy interventions, Faculty of Medicine University of Oslo 
«Informasjonsmappe til nydiagnostiske Bekhtervere» (Information package for new diagnostic AS patients) 
«Spørsmål og svar om bekhterevs sykdom for pasienter»(Questions and answers about AS) 
«Bekhterev Training video» (Training video for AS patients) VHS, DVD
Important events

28. april - 1. mai: ankylosing spondylitis seminar, Country conference, National arrangement for AS branches & representatives. 
World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day: Breakfastmeeting - Bekhterev Norge invites politician and rheumatologist to this meeting. Theme: "are women underdiagnosed?" 
National AS conference in october. 
"Latest news in research and treatment for AS patients"
(seminar planned in different parts of the country in cooperation with the local branches )
Local branches are celebrating the World Ankylosing Sondylitis Day with different event

Membership fee NOK 405 per year 
NOK 165 per year per familymember 
NOK 205 per year for children younger than 25 years 
NOK 2000 for firms and other institutions  
Subscription to newsletter of AS group in Oslo from other parts of Norway: NOK 200