Ankylosing spondylitis society in Sweden:

The Swedish Rheumatism Association 
Founded in 1978


Alstömergatan 39
Box 12851
112 98 Stockholm, Sweden 
Tel. +46 8 505 805 00
Internet homepage: http://www.reumatikerforbundet.org 
eMail: info@reumatikerforbundet.org

A National board with 13 members, President is Anne CARLSSON, mobile phone +46 70 522 25 65
Address: Same as office

Office staff Secretary General: Magdalena OLSSON
Address: same as office 
Delegates to ASIF Council Steinar WALSÖ-KANSTAD Soldattorpsvägen 9, 438 92 Härryda, phone: + 46 301 310 83, 
Mobile +46 70 576 48 98, steinar.walso-kanstad@reumatikerforbundet.org
Medical advisors There is a special advisory group of researchers in the rheumatologic field.


49 650 paying members, including about 4400 AS sufferers

Local branches 194 local branches

Newsletter name


Editor Therese HOLM
Further publications  There are lot of publications about AS/ Bechterew, about the diagnosis and how to treat it. It is an important task for the association to update new knowledge in this field.
Most important events in the past and coming year A new patient school for AS patients is developed and new leaders are educated. 
Special AS patient partner programme is developed and AS patient partners are educated 
Our theme 2012 is «Knowledge that gives relief» with a special focus on inflammatory spinal diseases.

Membership Fees

250 SEK a year for each member