Ankylosing spondylitis society in Bulgaria


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Phone (+359) 878 95 74 42       



Bulgarian Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Society

Dianabad 9-5-20, Izgrev

BL- Sofia 1172


General Informationen

Year Founded                             2009   

President                                    Zhivko Yankov

Vice President                             Boyko Boychev

                                                  Zhylieta Petrova

Secretary                                    Pavel Dimitrov

                                                  Krasimir Krumov

Office                                          Boyko Boychev - Logistics

                                                  Latinka Stancheva - Treasurer

                                                  Yasen Kovachev - Legal

International contacts                   Zhivko Yankow - chair

Medical advisor                            Dr. Natalia Marinova

Newsletter Editor                          Stopped (News communicate via Facebook)


  • National Assembly every year since 2009
    Group physiotherapy in 5 different SPA centers in Bulgaria since 2010
    Local meetings in 10 disctricts since 2009
    Annual National meetings since 2010
    Free of charge Laboratory tests for people eligible for treatment since 2017
    ​Free of charge Rheumatogy consultation for young people under age of 35 with sympthoms and no diagnosis since 2017

Membership (2013)                       600

Membership fee                              2.5 per month

Remarks                                      http://spondylitisbg.org - available in more than 40 languages


Further Publications

Ankylosing Spondylitis for patients - book printed in 5'000 copies so far

Booklet «Basic information on Spondylitis» - available since April 2012

Magazine «Spondylitis seekers» - 1st edition released in November 2012

Monthly newspaper «Information bulletin» - since May 2012


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