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Deutsche Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew e.V.

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Deutsche Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew e.V. (DVMB)
Metzgergasse 16
D-97421 Schweinfurt


General Information

Founded in 1980
14,699 members, including 13,567 patients with AS (14 374 paying members + 325 free from paying due to unemployment)
Local branches
350 local branches with weekly at least one occasion for group exercises and with regular informative or social meetings Board 8 AS sufferers. Similar boards exist for all of our sections (Landesverbände), taking care of the branches in their federal state (Bundesland) of Germany
Office staff
4 full-time employees (including Geschäftsführer Ludwig HAMMEL) and 3 part-time employees
Important persons running the society
Vorsitzender (chairman): Peter HIPPE, Fischstr. 7, D-06618 Naumburg (Saale)
Stellvertretender Vorsitzender (2. chairman): Rüdiger SCHMIDT, Auf der Mothe 36, D-31711 Luhden
Schatzmeister (treasurer): Peter de BEYER, Sibeliusstr. 7, D-48147 Münster
Geschäftsführer (general secretary): Ludwig HAMMEL, DVMB office (address see above)
Justitiarin (legal advice): Meike SCHOELER, D-34560 Fritzlar
International contacts
Martina IRRGANG, Glockenbrink 66, 32457 Porta Westfalica.  Email:
Medical advisors
Prof. Dr. med. Martin RUDWALEIT, Klinikum Bielefeld Rosenhöhe, D-33647 Bielefeld,
Prof. Dr. med. Stefan REHART, Markus-Krankenhaus, D-60431 Frankfurt a.M.,
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Lothar KRAUSE, Städtisches Klinikum Dessau, D-06847 Dessau,
Dr. med. Heinrich BÖHM, Zentralklinik Bad Berka, D-99438 Bad Berka,
Dr. med. Uwe SCHWOKOWSKI, D-23909 Ratzeburg,
Newsletter Editorial board
«Morbus-Bechterew-Journal» (4/year)
Prof. Dr. Ernst FELDTKELLER, Ludwig HAMMEL, Dr. med. Gudrun LIND-ALBRECHT, 
Dr. Eckhard PFEIFFER, Peter KONCET
Further publications
Schriftenreihe (booklet series) der Deutschen Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew:
Heft 1: Morbus Bechterew - Ein Leitfaden für Patienten (guidebook for patients)
Heft 2: Morbus Bechterew - Die Krankheit und ihre Diagnose (the disease and its diagnosis)
Heft 3: Morbus Bechterew - Fremdwörter einer Krankheit (explanation of medical technical terms)
Heft 6: Morbus Bechterew - Langzeitprotokoll (for collecting individual medical data)
Heft 9: Alters- und geschlechtsspezifische Probleme beim Morbus Bechterew (age and gender specific problems)
Heft 10: Autofahren mit Morbus Bechterew (car driving with AS) with contribution by Dr. Jon ERLENDSSON, Denmark 
Heft 11: Medikamente bei Morbus Bechterew (Drug therapy of AS)
Heft 12: Morbus Bechterew in 100 Fragen (AS in 100 questions) edited by prof. M. DOUGADOS, Paris
Heft 13: Morbus Bechterew – Messwerte für den Krankheitsverlauf, Klassifikations- und Diagnose-Kriterien
Heft 14: Gesunde Ernährung bei MB und verwandten Spondyloarthritiden (cook book for AS patients)
Heft 15: Jeder ist ein wenig anders – gut so! – Lebensgeschichten von Frauen mit MB
Heft 16: Morbus Bechterew – eine Handreichung für Ärzte
Heft 17: Das kleine Kochbuch der gesunden Genüsse (cook book for AS patients)
Heft 18: Morbus Bechterew und Schwangerschaft (all about pregnancy)

Heft 18: Morbus Bechterew und Schwangerschaft (all about pregnancy)

Morbus Bechterew Gymnastikkalender (exercise program for 4 weeks in wall calendar format)
CD Bechterew-Recht (legal advice for AS sufferers)
DVD Wassergymnastik-Programm für Patienten mit Morbus Bechterew (Gymnastic-DVD)
DVD Aktiv-Programm für jeden Tag – Morbus Bechterew (Gymnastic-DVD)
Morbus Bechterew Notfall-Ausweis (emergency card for AS sufferers)
Most important events in past and coming year
2017: Many seminars for AS patients: seminars for newly diagnosed patients etc.
Disease-specific courses for lawyers, and for medical assistant personnle.
Training seminars for leaders of local branches and disease-specific training seminars for our local physiotherapists agin organized by sections in federal states.
2017: Annual delegates meeting 24 June in Göttigen
Financial sources
85 % membership fees and donations, 10 % from pension and health insurances, 5 % for advertisements in our newsletter 
Membership fees
45 € yearly minimum for patient or sponsoring members,
39 € yearly minimum for multiple members (more than one member in one family or likewise member
in a society for a related disease)
Mostly discussed problems
Federal health administration limiting the therapies paid by social health insurance 
Foundation of additional DVMB branches
Increasing the interest of patients to be and remain a member of our association
Further improvement of websites of DVMB and their regional sections

Every year we have an „International AS-Day“ in different cities.

2017 in Goettingen: see more:


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Updated: June 2017