Ankylosing spondylitis societies in Spain:

Coordinadora Española de Asociaciones de Espondilitis

C/ La Bañeza 7, Casa de las Asociaciones 
E-37006 Salamanca, Spain 
Tel: +34 692311519 


Year Founded
Number of Members
Local branches and nature of activities
23 local branches have information and  formation, therapies, and activities for patients and family
«Junta Directiva» consists of 8 AS patients arthritis
Office staff
no employees
Officers and Directors
President :Pedro Plazuelo Ramos
Vice President: Carlos Medina Ortiz
Treasurer: Jesus de la Haza
Secretary: Francisco Pajuelo
Contact for ASIF
Pedro Plazuelo Ramos
Juan Luis Garrido
Medical advisors
Eduardo Collantes Estévez
Jefe del Servicio de Reumatología. Hospital Reina Sofia de Córdoba
Newsletter and frequency
Monthly newsletters. actsheets.
Further publications
• La Espondilitis. Los Hechos.
• Guía del Paciente.
• Práctica de ejercicios respiratorios para el paciente de espondilitis anquilosante.
Most important events in past and coming year
• do not turn your back
• our formula is the sum
• autoimmune
• National Strategy for Musculoskeletal diseases.
• You too can
• Training for physiotherapists in Spondiloartritis.
• 2nd contest photograph of rheumatic diseases
• You too can
• Patient Resource Atlas.
• Working with ASIF and other European associations.
All year:
We celebrate on may the World Spondylitis Day with a Congress on AS.
20th October the National Spondylitis Day.
1st Congress Patients of ankylosing Spondylitis
Financial sources
Private Companies 
partners and associations
Member fees
Every regional society pays 60€ per year.
Most important/ discussed  issues  
Current status of health in Spain and Europe.
Problems in access to treatment.
Status of patients with AS
Facebook Page


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Updated: March 2015