Ankylosing spondylitis society in Sweden:

The Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA)

Hälsingegatan 43

Box 6240

102 34 Stockholm 
Internet homepage: http://www.reumatikerforbundet.org 
eMail: info@reumatikerforbundet.org

Founded in 1945
Local branches
200 local branches
A National board with 13 members. President is Anne Charlotte Lotta Hakansson
Office staff
CEO: Leif Salmonson, Address: same as office,
Delegate to ASIF Council
Tidiane Diao, tidiane.diao@reumatikerforbundet.org
Medical advisors
Li Alemo Munters, li.alemomunters@reumatikerforbundet.org
Newsletter name
Reumatikervärlden  6 nr/year
Most important events in past and coming year
A new patient school for AS patients is developed and new leaders are educated. 
Special AS patient partner program is developed and AS patient partners are educated 
Financial sources
The Swedish Rheumatism Association has a budget of about 50 million SEK a year. Government funding, 
membership fees and donations.
Membership fees 250 SEK (25 Euro) a year for each member
Mostly discussed problems and intentions
How to convince the government and the health authorities to spend more resources on the health care for patients with rheumatic diseases. 
How to get more resources to research

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Updated: March 2017