Swiss Association of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Schweizerische Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew
Leutschenbachstrasse 45
CH-8050 Zürich
Phone +41 44 272 78 66
Fax +41 44 272 78 75       
Website www.bechterew.ch       


Founded in 1978 initiated by Dr. Heinz BAUMBERGER, Markus SCHILLING († 1983), Ruedi TÜSCHER († 2015) and Peter OECHSLIN
4163 paying members, including 3584 AS sufferers 
Local branches
81 local branches with weekly exercises
6 AS sufferers
Office staff 2 full-time employees, 12 part-time employees, 1 apprentices
Geschäftsleiter (director): René BRÄM
Important persons running the society
President: Prof. Dr. iur. Christine KAUFMANN
Vicepresident: Roland BRUNNER
International contacts Council
Medical advisors
Dr. Jean DUDLER, HFR Fribourg-Hôpital Cantonal, CH-1708 Fribourg
Dr. Pascale EXER, Rheumatologische Praxisgemeinschaft, Missionsstr. 34, CH-4055 Basel
Dr. Marc WIDMER, Klinik Impuls, Bahnhofstr. 137, CH-8620 Wetzikon
Dr. Adrian CIUREA, Universitätsspital, Gloriastr. 25, 8091 Zürich
Newsletter Editorial board
«vertical» (4/year)
Lars GUBLER, SVMB office (address see above) 
Articles published in 2016 and recommended for translation
«Sport and movement in the fresh air»
«Thermal therapy»
«move it!» (2/year)
Newsletter on topics concerning exercise and group events, specifically for participatnts in exercise groups
Further publications in German:
Schriftenreihe «Morbus Bechterew»
Heft 7: Komplementärmedizin in der Therapie 
Heft 9: Morbus Bechterew – die Krankheit
Heft 10: Morbus-Bechterew-Therapie
Heft 11: 34 Persönlichkeiten – 1 Krankheit
Heft 12: Leben mit Morbus Bechterew
Heft 13: Gesund und gut essen: Ernährung bei Morbus Bechterew
Der Morbus Bechterew Gymnastik-Kalender
Video/DVD: Morbus Bechterew: Aktiv-Programm für jeden Tag
Bechterew-Symposium 2012 in French:
Série «La spondylarthrite ankylosante»
Cahier 3: La médecine complémentaire en renfort
Cahier 9: Spondylarthrite ankylosante – la maladie
Cahier 10: Spondylarthrite ankylosante – la thérapie
Cahier 11: 34 personnalités – 1 maladie
Programme de gymnastique à domicile
Vidéo/DVD : Symposium de la SA 2012
in Italian:
Morbus Bechterew – la malattia
Morbus Bechterew – la terapia
Most important events in past and coming year
2016: Annual member meeting, 28th May in Rheinfelden
2017: Annual member meeting 20th May in Winterthur
2018: 40th annual member meeting, 2nd and 3rd June, Wil SG
Various events for the members such as a sporty week in Mallorca and Croatia to keep in shape, as well as visiting a guide dog school, the airport or a sport programm broadcasted on tv.
Financial sources
State subsidies 25 %, membership fees 15 %, donations 20 %, other sources 40 %
Membership fees
SFr. 50,- per year for members in Switzerland
SFr. 55,- per year for members abroad


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Updated: June 2017