ASIF News No. 2 (December 2004)

Denmark is calling     

Announcement of the 7th ASIF Council meeting to be held in September 2005 in Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark

ASAI in Ireland launch website    

Website of the ankylosing spondylitis society in Ireland can be found under the address

Report on EULAR congress 2004 in Berlin    

Short report by ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller

Report on AS symposium in Bad Gastein    

Short report by ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller

New AS society in Turkey     

"Ankilozan Spondilit Hasta Dernegi (Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Association in Turkey) founded in 2003. 
by Dr. Tuncay DURUÖZ, rheumatologist, assistant professor at Celal Bayar University, Manisa, President of ASHAD

Frontiers in inflammatory joint disease    

Report on  Canadian arthritis research forum held in May 2004, by Nils Linholm, Ontario, Canada

Ankylosed spine in ancient history: “Apa Bane”    

The skeletton of the famous Coptic saint Apa Bane (died 356 AD) was found by archeologists with an ankylosed spine.  Report by paleologist Wolfgang Michael Pahl and ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller

Therapy of ankylosing spondylitis 4000 years ago    

Papyrus scrolls from about 1900 B.C. found in the ruins of the Ramesseum near the entrance of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt contain rescriptions against stiffness and crookedness.  
Report by ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller 

"Two B or not two B?"    

Report on the 4th International Congress on Spondyloarthropathies held in October 2004 in Gent, Belgium, by ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller 

Vertebral fractures in patients with ankylosing spondylitis    

Result of an ASIF survey carried out in two steps in 2000 and 2001. By Ernst Feldtkeller, Debby Vosse,  Jon Erlendsson, Piet Geusens, and Sjef van der Linden. 
Scientific publications appeared in Rheumatology International 25 (2006) 234–239 and in the Journal of Rheumatology 31 (2004) 1981–1985.

New in ASIF website    

New in the ASIF website are Guidebooks for patients with ankylosing spondylitis in Russian and in Hebrew language.