ASIF News No. 6 (November 2007)

The 8th ASIF Council Meeting    

Report by the ASIF president Jon Erlendsson, Horsens, Denmark

Copyright: What has to be regarded by editors of AS membership journals?    

Lecture presented by ASIF vice president Ernsr Feldtkeller at the 2007 ASIF Council meeting in Jáchymov

Rheumatology in the Gaudi city    

Report on the 2007 EULAR Congress in Barcelona by Prof. Dr. Ernst Feldtkeller, München Germany, ASIF vice president

ASIF vice president awarded with Kussmaul medal of DGRh    

Award dedicated by the German Association of Rheumatology to „outstanding personages who have decisively shaped rheumatology in Germany by their life work or by a significant singular achievement “

ASIF address and Executive Committee    

New member of the ASIF Executive Committee is Jane Skerrett, director of NASS, Graet Britain