Ankylosing spondylitis patients societies in France:

Association France Spondylarthrites (AFS) 
Founded in 2000


Hôpital Ambroise Paré – Groupement Hospitalier Ouest – 
Service de Rhumatologie du Professeur Jean-Marie LEPARC 
9 avenue Charles de Gaulle – 92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT 

Présidente Mme Marie-Laure Bigourie, tél +33 5 55 26 10 49, eMail:
Vice Président Mme Mireille Ridel-Clemence & Mr Serge Dutrieux, tél +33 6 11 82 13 60, eMail:
Treasurer Mr. Dominique Tremelot, tél +33 2 99 99 50 37, eMail:
Secretary Mme Laurence Carton, tél +33 1 60 66 31 35, eMail:
International contacts Mr Serge Dutrieux, tél +33 6 11 82 13 60, eMail:
Membership in January 2012 2500 paying members, including ca. 1500 people with ankylosing spondylitis, all over France and other European and North-African French speaking countries
Local branches 17 local branches. Contact persons in several districts
Newsletter «Spondylarthrite info»
Frequency 3 per year
Further publications Integral statement of every medical conference, with agreement of physicians.  
Booklets «What is AS?», «AS and treatments», «Daily life with AS», «Administrative problems with AS»
Important events in past and coming year 2009: Merger with Spondylis (Other French AS Association) 
2010: On 10th anniversary, launch of many partnerships and projects in sports, communications and specific actions aimed at the sufferers. 
2011 : 4th Spondylitis Day (8th of October 2011)
October 2011 : publication of the book «Ma spondylarthrite, mes questions…»
«5th Journée France Spondylarthrites»(AFS French Spondylitis 
Day (October 20th) with many more to follow 
Membership fee € 30 per annum for patients 50 euros minimum for sponsoring
Remark  AFS is managed only by patients for patients


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