ASIF News No. 1 (Winter 2003)

ASIF News first edition     

"ASIF News" indended as a method of communication of ASIF member societies. Distribution of articles which may be printed in journals of member organisations. Invitation to contribute with own articles

ASIF update    

New ASIF Executive Committee elected in the ASIF Council meeting of October 2002

SVMB 25th jubilee    

Report on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Swiss ankylosing spondylitis society (Schweizerische Vereinigung Morbus Bechterew) by Seoirse Smith

Report on EULAR Congress June 2003    

Report on the congress held in Lisbon, Portugal, by Ernst Feldtkeller and Jon Erlendsson, members of the ASIF Executive Committee 

ASIF website updates    

Pages on "How to set up a new AS society?" and "How to become an ASIF member society?" recently added to ASIF website

ASIF projects    

Proposed ASIF initiatives which might be realized within the next years if enough members are willing to contribute

ASIF research    

Results of scientific studies on ankylosing spondylitis initiated and coordinated by ASIF