ASIF News No. 4 (October 2006)

Prague invites ASIF delegates for 2007    

For the ASIF Council meeting in September 2007 the delegates will meet in Prague and will be transported to Jáchymov spa. 

Social leagues of EULAR    

ASIF president Jon Erlendsson describes the functions of the EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) Social Leagues and expresses the hope that ASIF will soon become an international member besides many national member societies.

Impressions from the EULAR congress 2006 in Amsterdam    

Report on the annual European Congress of Rheumatologie which took place in June 2006 in Amsterdam, by Dr. Anne Gitte Loft, rheumatologist in Vejle, Denmark

Iceland – a new member of ASIF?    

ASIF president Jon Erlendsson visited Iceland in his family holidays and contacted representatives of the ankylosing spondylitis branch of "Gigtarfélag Islands"(Icelandic League against Rheumatism).

The Dutch "Reumapatientenbond"    

Cor van Drogen, member of the "Werkgroep Bechterew" within the association of patients with rheumatic diseases in the Netherlands, will investigate the possibility to renew their membership in ASIF after they were an ASIF member in the first several years after the foundation of ASIF. 

Research prize for contribution to easy diagnosis  of early  ankylosing spondylitis    

Joachim Sieper and Martin Rudwaleit from Berlin were rewarded with the research prize of the German ankylosing spondylitis society for their prosal to estimate the probability of ankylosing spondylitis in a patient with chronic back pain by combining the sensitivity and specificity of test results characteristic for AS. 

Goals of ankylosing spondylitis patient organisations    

ASIF vice president Ernst Feldtkeller was invited to present at the Turkish Congress of Rheumatology a lecture on the contributions of AS patient organisations to patient health and medical research.