Ankylosing spondylitis society in Slovenia:



Društvo za ankilozirajoči spondilitis Slovenije
Founded in 1983


c/o Marjan Hudomalj 
Parmova 53 
SI-1113 Ljubljana 
Tel. (+386) 590 753 66 and (+386) 1 26 24 56 
Predsednik (president) Marjan HUDOMALJ, M.Sc., address see above,
Vize Predsednik (Vice President) Andrej GREGORCIC, Novo Mesto,
International contacts Marjan HUDOMALJ, M.Sc., address see above,
Office staff 1 full time & 3 half-time employees
Membership 1. Jan. 2009 ca. 2800 members including ca. 2300 with ankylosing spondylitis
Local branches  13 local branches with weekly exercises under professional guidance
Medical advisors Prim. dr. Mojca KOS-GOLJA
doc. dr. B. MATOIC
Dr. Dusan LOGAR
Newsletter  "REVMATIK" 
Period of appearance  2–4 per year 
Further publications  "Being a rheumatic mother" by Monika Östensen 
"Disability - rights and benefits" 
Occupational therapy bocklet 
Early diagnosis 
Feeling good with exercise 
Be me (how to live with rheumatic diseases)
Important events in past and coming year Round table: Strategy against rheumatism in Slovenia (steakholders, MPs, NGOs)
Membership fee 20 Euro per year
Remarks National disability organisation with the representation prerogatives for all the people with rheumatic diseases,
according to the world-wide law for disability societies
Our intention is to broaden the activities also to social protection of the people with AS, RA etc.
We take care predominantly for people with AS but also offer support to others who need it. People with
RA etc. will have to organize their own groups with logistic support from us.